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Inspirational advertising props for theme parks, holiday park attractions, giant 3D characters and figures, children’s soft play environment’s, we build sets and structures that deliver impact and WOW!

Ever wondered who makes a five metre tall 3D Tyrannosaurus Rex or a giant Lego rocket, maybe a rubbish bin designed as a funny character, well now you’ve found us.

We manufacture anything in all shapes, sizes and materials, and like our sister company, creators of world-class mascot costume’s, everything we do is with passion and fun in mind, to deliver real impact and build upon your brand in creating memorable experiences.

Giant props, advertising eye catchers, we can make anything, for when you need it and where you want it. Whether it’s a theme park, shopping centre, holiday attraction, children’s play area, get in touch; we would love to help

Shopping centres

We can create pop up displays for various themes throughout the year, pop over to, we can even make you mascot costumes as well!


Need a giant rocket, maybe a huge character for your theme park, something for your holiday attraction play area? At SAP Global we make the weird and the wonderful to amaze your target audience.


It’s all about the WOW factor. That rocket is 5 metres tall.

We help you create amazing spaces that entertain, enthral and encourage engagement. There’s a lot of “e”s in there!


Visit our sister company Mascots-Inc delivers world-class custom mascots that stand out, draw incredible attention and have massive personality. Find out more by visiting our sister company.

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