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Specialised Advertising Products Saumsung

Who we are

We manufacture across four divisions, our in-store Point of Purchase Displays and products. Supplying retailers, brands, fashion, electronics, banks, airports and the entire retail, leisure & hospitality sectors.

Our patent pending range of displays and medical supplies to support Covid-19, supporting healthcare, offices, retail and consumer products.

Augmented Reality, creating amazing spaces.

Finally, our Theme Park and attraction division supplying theatrical creations, backdrops and props and through our sister company, Mascots-Inc world class manufacturers of mascot costumes.

How we do it

The manufacturing facility spans 600,000 Square Feet of floor space with a fully integrated manufacturing operation

Global sourcing facility through our Hong Kong office.

Production facility utilises over 200 machines

Services include: Woodwork, Metalwork, Plastic injection/vacuum forming, Acrylic fabrication, Electronics department, Printing facility and logistics

An incredibly skilled team of 400 professionals at our facility in China

ISO9001:2015/ ISO14001:2015 certification

Precision assembly

Offices globally

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Theme Parks

See more about our theme park displays.

Augmented Reality

Find out more about our augmented reality.

We create. We make. We Deliver

We work with global brands and agencies in delivering exciting and compelling experiences in-store. You know your brand far better than we do, what we do is take your ideas and turn those into reality.

In today’s environment it’s all about return on investment without sacrificing quality, our manufacturing is streamlined to reduce your costs at the build stage, so we deliver on time and within or below budget.

Consumer Engagement

Point of purchase is not just a science, it’s an art form, you are unique, your products are unique, so are your customers, we help you blend every element.

SAS-Global understand the need for brands to communicate with consumers, to draw their attention, to excite and inform

We also appreciate from a consumer perspective, the benefits of good in store marketing products to engage with your brand or for that impulse purchase.

It helps inform, encourage choice and build a relationship between the consumer and the brand, like no other medium because it is done at the crucial moment when the experience takes place, at the point of purchase.

World-Class Manufacturing

We work with supermarket chains, high street retailers and global brands delivering world-class manufacturing across many mediums.

Many of our clients are advertising agencies, creatives and brand designers working directly with the brand owner, we are happy to work either directly or indirectly.

We operate 24/7 and our customer service is second to none, regardless of what you need, call or email, or when we are over this crisis, pop in for a coffee and a chat, we’d love to help.

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The sectors we work in

Point of purchase

PPE Display Products

Theme Parks

Augmented Reality